Best laptops for running virtual machines 2023

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In the world of computing, Virtual Machines (VMs) have brought about a revolution. They allow us to run separate operating systems within our existing computers, making it a crucial aspect for professionals and enthusiasts alike. But diving into the world of virtualization requires a well-equipped laptop that can handle the task efficiently. Let’s explore a detailed review of some of the top contenders in the realm of laptops for virtualization.

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How to choose best laptops for running virtual machines 2023

Imagine having multiple operating systems coexisting harmoniously within a single device, each functioning independently. Welcome to the world of virtualization! As technology propels us forward, the need for running virtual machines (VMs) is on the rise. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a developer, or a creative professional, having the right laptop for running virtual machines in 2023 can open up endless possibilities. In this guide, we’ll delve into the art of choosing the perfect laptop to transform your computing experience.

Why Does Your Laptop Matter for Virtualization?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of choosing the best laptop for virtualization, let’s understand why it matters. Running virtual machines demands significant computing power. VMs simulate entire operating systems, requiring substantial memory, processing prowess, and storage space. A well-equipped laptop ensures seamless multitasking, resource allocation, and the creation of a virtual ecosystem that mirrors reality.

The Quest for Power: What Specs to Look For

  1. Processor (CPU): The heart of your laptop, a robust CPU is essential. Aim for at least an Intel Core i7 or its equivalent AMD Ryzen processor. More cores mean better multitasking performance, which is crucial for VMs.
  2. Memory (RAM): Virtual machines thrive on memory. A minimum of 16GB RAM is recommended. For power users, 32GB or even 64GB would be the gold standard.
  3. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): While integrated graphics work, a dedicated GPU enhances VM performance, especially for graphic-intensive tasks. Look for models with NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics.
  4. Storage: Opt for SSDs (Solid-State Drives) instead of traditional HDDs. They’re faster and offer better responsiveness, critical for seamless VM operation. Aim for at least 512GB, but more is better.

Finding Your Perfect Match: Laptop Models to Consider

  1. MacBook Pro: A classic choice for creatives and professionals. The sleek design, powerful hardware, and Retina display make it a dream for virtualization. However, it comes with a premium price tag.
  2. Dell XPS: A powerhouse for Windows aficionados. The combination of an Intel Core i7 CPU, ample RAM, and a stunning InfinityEdge display ensures a smooth VM experience.
  3. MSI P65 Creator: Ideal for gamers and creators. The powerful specs, 4K display, and thin chassis make it a versatile option for various tasks.
  4. Microsoft Surface Book 3: Balancing versatility and power, this 2-in-1 device is perfect for those who require a mix of productivity and creative capabilities.
  5. ROG Zephyrus: Gaming meets virtualization. With a powerful GPU and a slim design, this laptop caters to both work and play.
  6. Dell XPS 2-in-1: If portability is a priority, this laptop offers a blend of power and lightweight design, perfect for VMs on the go.
  7. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo: For the innovators, this dual-screen laptop provides an immersive workspace for running multiple VMs side by side.

The Price Point: Investing Wisely

As with any tech purchase, budget is a significant factor. While high-end laptops offer top-tier performance, mid-range options can also provide a commendable VM experience. Assess your needs, balancing performance and your wallet.


Best laptops for running virtual machines 2023


#1 MacBook Pro: Power Meets Elegance

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is a true symbol of power and elegance. With an Intel Core i9 CPU, Intel UHD Graphics 630, and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M Graphics, this laptop caters to the needs of those who demand top-notch performance. It boasts 16GB of RAM and a spacious 1TB storage, ensuring a smooth experience with Virtual Machines. The stunning 16-inch Retina display adds a visual spectacle, and typing is a breeze on the Apple Magic Keyboard. However, this level of performance comes at a cost, making it a splurge more suitable for professionals or creators rather than everyday tasks.


  • The hardware is top-notch, delivering amazing performance.
  • The Retina display is not just big, but incredibly sharp and vibrant.
  • Typing is a joy thanks to the comfort of the Apple Magic Keyboard.
  • For those who appreciate good audio, the MacBook Pro delivers fantastic sound quality.


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  • The price tag is quite high, making it an investment for serious users.

#2 Dell XPS: Windows OS Dominance

Best laptops for running virtual machines 2023

Dell XPS

If Windows OS is your preference, then the Dell XPS is a strong contender. With an Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU and Intel Iris Plus graphics, it’s equipped to handle virtualization tasks with ease. Boasting a generous 32GB of RAM and a spacious 1TB storage, it provides ample resources for smooth VM operations. The InfinityEdge display is a treat for the eyes, and the keyboard is comfortable for extended typing sessions. The sleek and compact design adds to its appeal. However, the laptop compromises slightly on ports, which might be a limitation for those who require more connectivity options.


  • The InfinityEdge display offers a visually immersive experience.
  • The keyboard design makes typing a comfortable and pleasant task.
  • The laptop’s compact and sleek design is aesthetically pleasing.


  • The number of ports might be limited for users with multiple peripherals.

#3 MSI P65 Creator: Performance Redefined


For those seeking unparalleled performance, the MSI P65 Creator stands out. Equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and an NVidea GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, it’s a powerhouse that can tackle even the most demanding tasks. The 4K display adds a level of visual clarity that’s a treat for work and entertainment alike. Its slim chassis and excellent connectivity options make it versatile for a variety of tasks. However, the speakers might not satisfy audiophiles who seek deeper bass and richer sound quality.


  • The slim chassis design adds a touch of sophistication to the laptop’s appearance.
  • A range of connectivity options ensures you can connect your devices easily.
  • The keyboard design is convenient for comfortable typing.
  • The laptop’s 4K display provides stunning visuals, making it great for various tasks.


  • While the speakers deliver sound, they might lack the depth audiophiles desire.

#4 Microsoft Surface Book 3: Versatility Amplified

Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is a testament to versatility. With an Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU, it boasts power under its hood. What makes it stand out is its 2-in-1 design, transforming it from a laptop to a tablet with ease. The 4K touch display is a visual marvel, and the laptop excels in delivering powerful performance even during intense tasks. However, its upgrade options are somewhat limited.


  • The webcam quality is above average, ensuring clear video calls.
  • The 4K touch display provides stunning visuals and enhances interaction.
  • The laptop remains relatively quiet even when handling heavy workloads.
  • Good speaker quality adds to the multimedia experience.


  • Limited options for upgrading hardware might be a drawback for users who want to customize their laptops.

#5 ROG Zephyrus: Performance and Play Unleashed

ROG Zephyru

Balancing work and play, the ROG Zephyrus is equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. It’s tailored for content creators and gamers alike, offering a Pantone Validated 240Hz screen for stunning visuals. While the laptop’s design is slim and light, allowing for portability, it does face some heat-related concerns during intense tasks. Additionally, the absence of a webcam might be a drawback for users who require frequent video calls.


  • The laptop offers a seamless experience for both work and play.
  • Despite its slim design, it’s housed within a robust body that can endure usage.
  • Backlit keys enhance visibility in low-light conditions.


  • The laptop might encounter overheating issues during demanding tasks.
  • The absence of a built-in webcam might inconvenience users who rely on video calls.

#6 Dell XPS 2-in-1: Power Meets Portability

Best laptops for running virtual machines 2023

Dell XPS

For those who value both power and portability, the Dell XPS 2-in-1 is a solid choice. With an Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, it’s a lightweight powerhouse. The 4K display ensures stunning visuals, and the laptop supports Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity. However, the laptop’s fan can get a bit noisy at times, disrupting an otherwise quiet environment.


  • The laptop’s lightweight and thin design makes it highly portable.
  • The 4K display adds depth to visuals, enhancing user experience.
  • Wi-Fi 6 support ensures faster and more reliable wireless connectivity.
  • Abundant input/output ports provide flexibility for connecting various devices.


  • The fan can sometimes become noisy, potentially interrupting quiet environments.

#7 Asus ZenBook Pro Duo: Innovation Meets Power

Asus ZenBook Pro

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo redefines innovation with its dual-screen design. Featuring an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, it’s designed for those who need both power and creativity. The dual 4K screens allow for multitasking and enhanced productivity, although the larger size might not suit everyone’s preferences. Performance-wise, it delivers with flying colors, but the trackpad might not be as comfortable as desired, and the lack of extra storage slots might be a limitation for users with high storage needs.


  • The laptop’s computing power ensures you can tackle demanding tasks with ease.
  • Despite the power, the laptop operates silently, ensuring a distraction-free environment.
  • The keyboard design is comfortable for extended typing sessions.


  • The trackpad might not provide the same level of comfort as other laptops.
  • If you require additional storage, the laptop’s lack of extra slots might be limiting.

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