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Devices for music listening 2022

Best gadgets for listening to music

Walking is one of the most basic and accessible forms of exercise; nevertheless, some individuals find it to be somewhat monotonous. Devices for music listening provide you the ability to listen to your preferred music, podcasts, audiobooks, and a wide variety of other audio content while you exercise, making them an excellent way to inject some fun into your daily routine. The most effective audio players for walkers provide a high-quality listening experience in addition to a lengthy battery life.

When looking for an audio player, you should prioritize purchasing one that is not only long-lasting but also simple to use. Look for touch displays or buttons that are easy to push and can be easily distinguished from one another. There are other solutions that don’t need you to use your hands and are wireless; these are the kinds of accessories that clip onto your clothing and come equipped with Bluetooth connection for your headphones.

We chose the finest devices for music listening 2022 for our list based on how long their batteries lasted, how much they cost, how long they lasted, how durable they were, what kind of screen the gadget had, and how easy it was to use.

Best devices for music listening 2022


#1 Sony 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

 Sony 8GB Walkman MP3 Player

The Walkman MP3 Player from Sony comes highly recommended as a time-honored music player from a reputable company. It has Sony’s ClearAudio technology, which is known for producing high-quality sound, and it comes with 8 GB of storage space, making it our top recommendation for walkers overall.

The FM tuner that is incorporated into the Walkman makes it possible to quickly drag and drop files from a computer running Windows or Mac operating systems. It has a battery life of up to 35 hours and is lightweight, making it ideal for going on walks due to its portability factor.

Earbuds and a USB cable are included with the Walkman purchase.

#2 SanDisk Clip Jam MP3

Best gadgets for listening to music

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3

The SanDisk Clip Jam is a portable audio player that is both economical and tiny. It has a capacity of 8 gigabytes for music and offers users the opportunity to expand their storage capacity using a microSD card slot. The Jam is an audio player that doesn’t have a lot of additional features that clutter it up, so if you’re looking for a straightforward alternative that’s easy on your budget, this is the one we suggest.

It has an 18-hour battery life, which means that it will endure for several workouts, and it also has a locking mechanism, which prevents you from accidently pressing keys while you’re moving about. This also comes with a pair of earbuds and can be purchased in one of five different colors. The built-in clip allows you to connect it to your waistline or pocket, making it simple to carry it about with you.

#3 Apple 32 GB iPod touch

Apple 32 GB iPod touch

We suggest the iPod Touch to walkers who are seeking for a more technologically advanced alternative since it is capable of doing many of the same things as the iPhone, such as carrying your iTunes library with you so that you can listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. In addition, the Tuch can play music for up to 40 hours straight, which means it may accompany you on a multitude of walks. Streaming services, on the other hand, can only be accessed while you are linked to WiFi, which is unlikely to be the case when you are walking outside.

Because it features Bluetooth, the iPod lets you connect to wire-free headphones and earbuds. Even if you will need to be linked to WiFi or your own computer at home in order to do so, it is possible to send messages directly from this gadget. With any downloaded pedometer app, the motion sensors that are built in will automatically compute your steps as well as other health metrics for you, which is a feature that we really like, but there is no actual GPS built in.

#4 H20 Audio Stream Waterproof MP3 Player

H20 Audio Stream Waterproof MP3 Player

The H2O Audio Stream Waterproof MP3 Player has settings that are simple to use as well as a Seal-Tight connection that, when combined with the Audio Surge earphones that come with the package, produces a watertight seal that protects your device. Those who live in wetter climates or swimmers who like to listen to music while submerged in water are the ideal candidates for this product, which comes highly recommended by us.

The Stream comes with 8 gigabytes of storage space and communication through Bluetooth. In addition to this, it features a rotating clip that is built right in so that you can connect it to your pocket or belt.

Since this music player may be fastened to a swim cap or hat, the headphones that come with it have an extremely small connection connecting them to the device. For customers who are interested, the manufacturer also provides an option that has an earphone cable that is the standard length.

#3 Sony Xperia 1 III

 Sony Xperia 1 III

The Xperia 1 III is an excellent choice for consumers who are prepared to spend more money to get top-of-the-line sound quality. This device delivers an immersive sound experience whether used with headphones or the Full-Stage stereo speakers that are incorporated into the device.

The sound quality of Sony products is well-known, and this phone is no exception; it has 360 Reality Audio, which envelops you in sound and gives you the impression that you are right there in the room with the performer. If you listen to music on your phone without using headphones, the strong speakers that are integrated into the front of the device are engineered to prevent vibration.


This phone may be a little pricy, but in addition to having an excellent sound quality, it also includes all of the functions that you might desire in a modern smartphone. Features such as a high-quality camera that shoots in RAW format so that the user has more control over the editing process as well as a display screen that is of a professional standard.

#4 Mighty Vibe Portable Music Player

 Mighty Vibe Portable Music Player

The Mighty Vibe is a portable speaker that is both space- and weight-efficient, and it enables users to listen to Spotify and Amazon Music playlists offline, eliminating the need for an active internet connection. We like the fact that this gadget is robust while being so little that you won’t even notice it attached to your waistline since there is no screen to shatter or break. The Mighty is a highly useful piece of audio equipment since it allows you to wirelessly sync your playlists with the use of a mobile app and utilize Bluetooth headphones.

Even though the Mighty Vibe has a battery life that is on the lower end of the spectrum, the fact that it is resistant to water and has a sturdy build makes it a perfect gadget for walking exercises.

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