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Gadgets for vision impaired 2022

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If you have a blind or visually impaired person in your circle of friends or acquaintances, the search for gadgets for vision impaired can be considerably restricted.  So, to help you with this difficult decision, here is a list of the 9 best gadgets for vision impaired for all your blind friends or family members.

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Gadgets for vision impaired 2022

#1 OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a blind or visually impaired person? Do you really want to change the life of a blind person and invest in breakthrough technology? Then we want to introduce you to the OrCam MyEye. The OrCam MyEye is definitely the gift on your list that can have the most positive impact on the lives of blind people. Internationally celebrated as one of the best intuitive assistance devices, the OrCam MyEye is characterized above all by its wide range of functions.

It reads text, recognizes faces, recognizes products and barcodes and much more. This pen-sized, compact tool opens up completely new possibilities for blind and partially sighted people and gives them an unusual degree of independence. You do not need Braille or other assistive technologies or an internet connection to use the device. The OrCam MyEye Pro is also equipped with the «Intelligent Reading» function, which gives its users even more options and mobility.

With the Smart Reading feature, users can prompt OrCam to read specific sections of text on a screen, book page, or other surface. This means that users can activate their device using voice commands such as: «Read the desserts» or «Read the monthly bill»; can control. This way, users only get the information they want without having to read the entire page or laboriously navigate through the entire text.

OrCam MyEye supports you competently in all areas of your life. Thanks to intelligent product and barcode recognition, shopping is possible again. Recognize colors, bills and even the time and date without even pressing a button.

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#2 Smarte Lautsprecher

Best gadgets for vision impaired 2022

Smarte Lautsprecher

Gadgets for vision impaired like these smart headphones can transform your life forever. For blind people in particular, connecting the home using intelligent speakers (such as Google Home or Amazon Echo) can make life much easier and more barrier-free. Most of the devices on our list, like the OrCam MyEye, or voice-controlled microwave ovens, can be connected to the smart speakers via Bluetooth. With just one of these devices, your entire home can become an interactive smart home. This innovative technology is usually easy to use, so installation should not be a problem even for those with limited computer skills.

#3 Voice controlled microwave oven

Voice controlled microwave oven

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Communicating Microwave Ovens are our hot recommendation for your blind or visually impaired friends and relatives. They conveniently announce all relevant information and ensure that handling electrical devices is easier again. With a voice-controlled microwave, it will be much easier for your friends or family members to warm up their favorite meal or a quick snack. Targeted voice announcements from the cooker make it possible to operate the device independently and without external help.

#4 Aids for the blind

Aids for the blind

Misplacing objects in the home, on the road or in the car can be a major problem for blind or partially sighted people. Nowadays there are various smart gadgets for vision impaired , also called trackers, that can be attached to important objects (e.g. phone, wallet, etc.). After you have configured them in a subsequent step either with an app or on the computer, the position of the desired objects can be tracked. A real aid for blind people.

#5  Communicating thermostat

Practical gadgets for vision impaired

5. Communicating thermostat

Thermostats usually have small screens and therefore hardly offer blind people the necessary accessibility. All that changes with the purchase of a communicating thermostat. These are not only extremely user-friendly, but also offer many different programming options. Voice controlled thermostats are easy to install and have advanced voice features that offer maximum ease of use. Every time you press a button, the thermostat tells you which function you have just activated.

#6 Smart Watches

Smart Watches

Smart watches are not only perfect for technology lovers, but are also increasingly appealing to people with disabilities and handicaps. So these clocks can be a great gift for your blind mother who may be asking the time regularly. Recently, various companies have been making watches with tactile button dots that enable the time to be read.

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